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As we’re all grinding out our reputation with each faction, last week’s Addon Spotlight took on reputation addons to try to make this experience easier and hopefully less frustrating! This week we’re examining some other addons that help with some new features brought in in Mists. As ever,  Sell wow gold your feedback and addon suggestions are much appreciated, and if you think there’s a type of addon I should be featuring, drop me a line!

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about addons for features that have been implemented in Mists, and today is no different. However, we are going to be shying away from re-treading old ground, and moving into some new areas. If you’re looking for pet battle addons, there have been three posts about them recently, two from Addon Spotlight, and one other.

And in exciting news, we can announce that Reader UI of the Week is making a return! Send me your UIs, and we’ll get to posting!

Tillers Addons
Addon Spotlight Vital Mists Addons
Last week’s Addon Spotlight on reputation addons included the amazing Factionizer, which monitors reputation with all factions. Factionizer works fantastically well for the Tillers too, showing rep not only for the overall faction but also for each individual NPC with whom you earn reputation in the hunt for your WoW BFF. I’ve not met all my potential BFFs just yet, but Factionizer seems to show the BFF-style rep in the same fashion as the usual rep, i.e. it’s listed as running from Friendly to Exalted rather than from Stranger to Best Friend. Nonetheless, the numbers seem accurate.

If you don’t want to use Factionizer, there are other options, one of which performs the same role as Factionizer, but exclusively for the Tillers. It’s called Tiller Tracker, and keeps track of your daily Tillers’ food quests by “keeping track of what quests have been completed that day, how many dishes need to be cooked, and what materials are required”. It requires a broker like TitanPanel, ChocolateBar, FuBar, or something along those lines.

My one criticism of this little addon is that when I moused over the tracker button in my TitanPanel, and took the screenshot above, I didn’t have a single “A Dish for…” quest in my log. I’d love for it to scan my quest log and ascertain what I need from there, then display only that information rather than what’s shown. It’s a very minor quibble indeed, though, and if you want to just deal with the Tillers cooking dailies rather than installing the heavier duty Factionizer, it’s a brilliant choice! Edit: It appears that from SmaugsLair’s comment below, this complaint is unjustified as they don’t appear in your log! I take it all back, then.

Another great Tiller addon is Vlud’s Tiller Gifts, which adds to the standard tooltip illustrating which items are gifts for the various Tiller characters. It’s so simple, and just adds a little more information on the tooltip that makes it far easier for you to get a gift or two for your chosen future BFFs.
Addon Spotlight Dealing with new Mists features
Vlud’s Tiller Gifts works on every source of tiller items, and also, as you can see from the toolip, shows your current standing with the relevant tiller, and the percentage of your progression through that reputation level. Simple but effective!

Another simple but effective Tiller addon is Delete Tiller Items. This, as we say here in the UK thanks to a lengthy and successful advertizing campaign from a wood-stain brand, does exactly what it says on the tin. As the description says, it allows you to get rid of the Dented Shovel, Rusty Watering Can and Vintage Bug Sprayer hanging out in your bag with one of two slash commands, /deletetilleritems or /dti, once you’re done with your farming for the day.

Order of the Cloud Serpent

There’s only one addon I could find for the Cloud Serpent folk, and that addon is Cloud Serpent. Now, this requires the fabulously popular navigation addon TomTom to work. But once you have TomTom up and running, Cloud Serpent senses whenever you enter the Windward Isle, and adds the waypoints for every single Onyx Egg into your TomTom system. What does this all mean? Well, when you enter the zone, you will have an in-game navigation system pointing you to every single egg. You can check out the video below to see it in action!

Monk Addons

Yes, monks count as a new feature for the purpose of this column! I’m not looking, here, at general addons which monks can use, which, of course, are very plentiful indeed. I thought I’d have a look into some monk-specific addons to show you all, and didn’t find very many, so as ever if you have a great monk-specific addon, do share!

Addon Spotlight Tillers, Cloud Serpents and Monks

So you can see from the screenshot above how it works, it logs the gift quests for you, and maintains a record of the ingredients you need for each dish. It will also remember what you’ve got in your bags, and if you look at the very top of the screenshot it will display your preferred item for easy record-keeping without having to keep checking the tooltip! You can also lock the tooltip open by clicking either the bar icon or the minimap icon.

First up is Monk Timers, which is a cooldown and buff monitoring system designed specifically for monks. While its roles could be carried out with a combination of various other addons, if you want something lightweight and monk-specific, this addon used precious little memory and worked well for my baby monk’s very low requirements for its services!
Addon Spotlight Tillers, Cloud Serpents and Monks
You can see it in action above, I chose to use an image from the creator’s site rather than one of my own as it just shows so much more of what this addon can do. The stagger bar for brewmasters is particularly good, and you can see the other cooldown timers as well. I have to say I found the combined chi/mana bar for mistweavers rather tricky to see in a hurry, but others may not share this opinion, or maybe it was just my color settings!

If you’re not using the standard UI, this addon is also compatible with popular skinning addons Masque aka Buttonfacade, and rActionButtonStyler, meaning that it can be styled to suit most UIs.

Another addon to consider for tanking monks is BrewmasterTao, which eschews the cooldown monitoring and such to simply focus on creating a bar that allows monks to easily monitor their stagger and the internal cooldown of Power Strikes. Their bar changes colour depending on whether your stagger is light, moderate or heavy, and new features are under development — this, like the other monk addons, is still in its infancy!

Next is a mistweaver-specific healing addon. While you can, of course, use addons such as healbot, grid and clique, VuhDo and so on for your mistweaving ways, the creator of MistWeaver has designed something specifically for the monk healers out there. If you check out the screenshot below, wow gold for sale from the developer’s page, you can see the different buttons relating to the different elements of mistweaver healing, and what I think is a good way to monitor resources and replenish them with mana tea as well as thunder focus tea adjacent to the bar. Clicking the chi bar uses your Chi Brew. It also separates out the renewing mist buttons into their own area, as you can see below.
Addon Spotlight Tillers, Cloud Serpents and Monks
My only criticism of this addon is that it didn’t seem to want to let me remap they key bindings, so I had to use the pre-set ones for my meager allotment of healing spells. I would prefer more customization, but for now this is a great little addon for monk healers who want something more tailored to their class than the standard-issue healing addons. 

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