WOW Which Content Do You Expect

Official site has released the content of the Patch 5.4 PTR. It seems that there are

many attracting new features and new contents going to be added in this new patch.

Firstly, the Flexible raid difficulty helps fulfill various of players’ taste. It

seems that we have been talking about this kind of idea for really long time. Since

that the gap between the Raid finder and the Normal difficulty, it is totally

feasible to add a difficulty level between these two choices. The new feature gives

the players more options. Players can chooses the players can form teams, decide how

many players should be in the team, and their different roles. There are also amazing

loots for in flexible raid which is much better than what you can get in the raids

finder. If you want to get better gears with more fun, flexible raid is definitely
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your best choice.

Secondly, advanced proving grounds will be added. Even through we have fake man in

game before to help test the output of our skills, but the proving ground is a much

advanced feature. It is proper for you to feel different roles in the team, and it

can test your best scores when facing increasing difficulties. Just like the flexible

raid, it is really a considerate function.

Thirdly, another surprising gift for you is the virtual realms. Many players say that

this change can bring the lost players back to WOW again, from which we can know how

amazing this feature is. As we were in different servers, we can not play or form

teams with our friends in the past. However, in the new patch, there will be no

barrier exists among our players any more. When we want to explore the raid together,

we can play together without crossing the servers.

Fourthly, new raid is also one of the spotlight of this new patch. It is said that

the final boss in the new raid, Siege of Orgrimmar is going to be the last boss in

MOP. We have no idea whether this information is reliable or not, but we have reason

to believe that this is going to be a raid that changes the world. It may be the end

of Mist of Pandaria, or it maybe the beginning of a new story. It won’t let us down.

We look forward to a raid which is as classic as the Throne of Thunder.

There are also many new adjustments to all classes and professions to make each role

in this game more interesting to play. Among all of the changes which are about to

come, which do you expect most? 

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