Our favorite WoW dinosaurs outside the Isle of Giants

I’m worried, WoW Insider readers. I love patch 5.2 and all of the dinosaurs improvements that have come with it, but in the patch’s frenzy of dinosaur-fueled excitement I fear we’re forgetting something… namely, the long and noble history of WoW’s dinosaurs. Indeed, dinosaurs have roamed the game since patch 5.2 was nothing but a far-off dream in a developer’s heart. Dinosaurs have been with wow gold for sale since launch day, and just so you don’t forget the heroic dinosaurs who have brought us to this age of dino-popularity, today we’re going to review the 10 best (or at least most memorable) dinosaurs in the game.

So pay attention, because there may be a test later.

Living Fossil
The Wetlands is home to plenty of raptors as well as the very dinosaur-like crocolisks. However, none of those stuck in our memory like the Cataclysm-added Living Fossils, which are just what they sound like: fossilized dinosaurs who are walking around hungry for your blood. Archeologists beware.

Unfortunately these posthumous dinos aren’t tamable (they’re undead), but if you like the look, you can get your own Fossilized Hatchling pet and even your own full-scale Fossilized Raptor mount from the archeology profession.

Sunscale Ravagers and Scytheclaws
The Barrens is full of wildlife, including a number of varieties of raptor. These two, however, are truly terrifying. Why? Well, here’s what the in-game quest text has to say about them:

Before you lies an entire community of raptors, ducking in and out of hovels, snarling at one another, and working together to construct primitive huts. Collections of shiny things surround their nests.

This is Jurassic Park all over again! Clearly, the only reason they aren’t already using weapons is because their claws are better than any puny sword. Thank goodness they don’t seem to get higher than level 17.

Oh, Hemet Nesingwary. who could forget your enthusiasm for hunting throughout the world — especially your enthusiasm to send us to hunt things for you. As a raptor, Tethis is almost completely unnotable, but as a memory, who can forget the endless chain of beast killing quests from Nessingwary’s Expedition in Northern Stranglethorn? These days it’s Nesingwary Jr. sending you off to kill Tethis once you’ve killed nearly every other beast in the vicinity. Fortunately for quester-goers in the future, Tethis respawns about every seven minutes. 

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