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Does everyone else know about the newest exploits and bugs before you do? Did you not hear about the “Server-crash gold dupe” trick, or the “full rested experience” exploit until they were fixed, nerfed and no longer working? Then you’re missing WoW gold Underground – The original, most often updated, and still the best exploit guide on the market. We live in WOW’s underground scene. We know the best underground sites and admins but more important is the information we have that they don’t.
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One of our writers has been a great offset finder since Everquest, (we’ll explain offsets in the guide) another is “friends” with a GM, and the community itself is full of low and high level World of WOW experts. But not everyone wants to cheat and risk their account being banned. Some people only want to use certain “bugs” that are safe to use, fair to other players, and easy to understand. That’s why we’ve split the guide into 3 sections.let’s intorduced one. Section 1: Tricks and Bugs This section covers minor exploits and bugs that are safe to pull off (meaning slim to nil risk of getting caught) and are easy to perform. They require no complicated software or game editing, as they are performed in-game. Here are some examples:

Fishing Poles Do More Damage Than Weapons. Weapon damage is based on two things, weapon ratio (aka DPS) and weapon skill. You can have the greatest dagger in Azeroth, but if you have a character below level 30 it will pale in comparison to a common fishing pole because… Increase the spawn time of monsters. Sometimes youd rather a monster not re-spawn. For example, when youre in an instance and you have friends coming later who would normally need to fight their way in to get to you.

To increase the re-spawn time of a monster you simply kill and while looting… Click here to read the rest! Become immune to Polymorph, Sleep and Sap. Sleep, polymorph and sap will never stick for more than a second when you use this quest item that you can keep and use forever, as it has unlimited charges and 0 cast time. The great part is you don’t even have to complete the quest, you just… Become immune to root. This trick is fairly well-known as druids complain about it daily, but for those who don’t know you simply need to get a tailor to… Free mount training, spells, and equipment repairs. Go to your trainer and get ready to buy the spell, skill or equipment repair.

Don’t buy it yet! Type “/logout” (without quotes) but don’t hit enter. Now carefully press… Kill elite monsters higher level than you. …as this bug works in many places. Here is one example: Swamp talker in the Swamp of Sorrows quest. The Swamp Talker is a level 55 elite monster. However, you can solo him at a much lower level (confirmed with a level 48 hunter) by carefully casting a series of… Many more exploits & bugs in the guide. That’s just a small sample, as we don’t have room to list them all. Take a peek at the following screenshots of the guide, the contents will give you an idea of how many you get (and more are found every day). 

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