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Addon Spotlight Tillers, Cloud Serpents and Monks
Yes, monks count as a new feature for the purpose of this column! I’m not looking, here, at general addons which monks can use, which, of course, are very plentiful indeed. I thought I’d have a look into some monk-specific addons to show you all, and didn’t find very many, so as ever if you have a great monk-specific addon, do share!

First up is Monk Timers, which is a cooldown and buff monitoring system designed specifically for monks. While its roles could be carried out with a combination of various other addons, if you want something lightweight and monk-specific, this addon used precious little memory and worked well for my baby monk’s very low requirements for its services!

You can see it in action above, I chose to use an image from the creator’s site rather than one of my own as it just shows so much more of what this addon can do. The stagger bar for brewmasters is particularly good, and you can see the other cooldown timers as well. I have to say I found the combined chi/mana bar for mistweavers rather tricky to see in a hurry, but others may not share this opinion, or maybe it was just my color settings!

If you’re not using the standard UI, this addon is also compatible with popular skinning addons Masque aka Buttonfacade, and rActionButtonStyler, meaning that it can be styled to suit most UIs. 

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