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Order of the Cloud Serpent
Addon Spotlight Dealing with new Mists features
There’s only one addon I could find for the Cloud Serpent folk, and that addon is Cloud Serpent. Now, this requires the fabulously popular navigation addon TomTom to work. But once you have TomTom up and running, Cloud Serpent senses whenever you enter the Windward Isle, and adds the waypoints for every single Onyx Egg into your TomTom system. What does this all mean? Well, when you enter the zone, you will have an in-game navigation system pointing you to every single egg. You can check out the video below to see it in action!

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about addons for features that have been implemented in Mists, and today is no different. However, we are going to be shying away from re-treading old ground, and moving into some new areas. If you’re looking for pet battle addons, there have been three posts about them recently, two from Addon Spotlight, and one other.

As we’re all grinding out our reputation with each faction, last week’s Addon Spotlight took on reputation addons to try to make this experience easier and hopefully less frustrating! This week we’re examining some other addons that help with some new features brought in in Mists. As ever,  Sell wow gold your feedback and addon suggestions are much appreciated, and if you think there’s a type of addon I should be featuring, drop me a line!

And in exciting news, we can announce that Reader UI of the Week is making a return! Send me your UIs, and we’ll get to posting! 

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