Wow Not Just A World of Warcraft game

orld of Warcraft is a game, but it never just simply be a game.
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Forever I believe the members in our team or once in our team, love Walking & Dancing (the name of my guild and W&D is short for Walking&Dancing) as I do, or even more. The past is history, who was right or who was wrong? It doesn’t matter any more. Only the days that we spent together matters. Because we will remember that days for a long long time. I am really proud of being a member of W&D!

I always want to write something, about our days. Just because we have experienced too much. I joined W&D with patch 4.1, and I still consider it is my honor to be a member of W&D. As a new member, I have been confused, frustrated and discouraged even want to quit when being arranged as a candidate. I have once dreamed to fight as a member of W&D and get a huge victory. And finally I do have a chance, and I did well, everyone did a good job. That is what I get from W&D.

It is in W&D where I meet the guild master who really hated calling people names. Even when big mistakes happened in the crucial moments, he would angry, blame and point out, but he would never shouting and cursing, never! To find out problems and solve problems, that was his style. We could enjoy a friendly environment here. Even in the toughest time, the leader would smile and courage each other. It made me think I was important too.

When looking back, we indeed have our great time. We own our glory and success, and also suffer from misunderstanding and disappointing. All are essential on our way to WoW.

Game is a game, it can not replace our real life. So, it is unavoidable for W&D’s dismission. We joined together just for gaming, but we all unintentionally put our heart into it. Whatever, I do help my friends would still have their fun in other new guilds and learn more from gaming. 

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