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Addon Spotlight Tillers, Cloud Serpents and Monks
Last week’s Addon Spotlight on reputation addons included the amazing Factionizer, which monitors reputation with all factions. Factionizer works fantastically well for the Tillers too, showing rep not only for the overall faction but also for each individual NPC with whom you earn reputation in the hunt for your WoW BFF. I’ve not met all my potential BFFs just yet, but Factionizer seems to show the BFF-style rep in the same fashion as the usual rep, i.e. it’s listed as running from Friendly to Exalted rather than from Stranger to Best Friend. Nonetheless, the numbers seem accurate.

If you don’t want to use Factionizer, there are other options, one of which performs the same role as Factionizer, but exclusively for the Tillers. It’s called Tiller Tracker, and keeps track of your daily Tillers’ food quests by “keeping track of what quests have been completed that day, how many dishes need to be cooked, and what materials are required”. It requires a broker like TitanPanel, ChocolateBar, FuBar, or something along those lines.

So you can see from the screenshot above how it works, it logs the gift quests for you, and maintains a record of the ingredients you need for each dish. It will also remember what you’ve got in your bags, and if you look at the very top of the screenshot it will display your preferred item for easy record-keeping without having to keep checking the tooltip! You can also lock the tooltip open by clicking either the bar icon or the minimap icon.

My one criticism of this little addon is that when I moused over the tracker button in my TitanPanel, and took the screenshot above, I didn’t have a single “A Dish for…” quest in my log. I’d love for it to scan my quest log and ascertain what I need from there, then display only that information rather than what’s shown. It’s a very minor quibble indeed, though, and if you want to just deal with the Tillers cooking dailies rather than installing the heavier duty Factionizer, it’s a brilliant choice! Edit: It appears that from SmaugsLair’s comment below, this complaint is unjustified as they don’t appear in your log! I take it all back, then.

Another great Tiller addon is Vlud’s Tiller Gifts, which adds to the standard tooltip illustrating which items are gifts for the various Tiller characters. It’s so simple, and just adds a little more information on the tooltip that makes it far easier for you to get a gift or two for your chosen future BFFs.

Vlud’s Tiller Gifts works on every source of tiller items, and also, as you can see from the toolip, shows your current standing with the relevant tiller, and the percentage of your progression through that reputation level. Simple but effective!

Another simple but effective Tiller addon is Delete Tiller Items. This, as we say here in the UK thanks to a lengthy and successful advertizing campaign from a wood-stain brand, does exactly what it says on the tin. As the description says, it allows you to get rid of the Dented Shovel, Rusty Watering Can and Vintage Bug Sprayer hanging out in your bag with one of two slash commands, /deletetilleritems or /dti, once you’re done with your farming for the day. 

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