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When it comes to playble races in World of Warcraft there is a little something for everyone. With two factions filled with thirteen different races to choose from, many would claim that more would just overload the system. Despite this, each and every one of us has that one race that we would love the chance to play. Whether it is the lethal Naga or the rather unintelligent Kobolds, we all dream of taking that one unplayable race out for a spin.
High Elf
New playable races are not added everyday in World of Warcraft, so the likelihood of seeing your favorite race become playable is slim. However, the chance is always there and we can always dream. Below you will find five of the races we would like to see made playable. Check them out below and see if they match up with your own personal list!


The Naga are former Highborn night elves who followed Queen Azshara and mutated into nasty human-like sea serpents. While the Naga have been trolling the Horde and Alliance for years, I think that there must be at least a small group who is tired of trying to take over the surface world and failing. Not only would playing a character who silthers rather than walks be bad ass, the Naga are intelligent and deadly, and wicked combination for a World of Warcraft playable race. Since the Alliance supports the High Elves, it is likely that the Naga would become a Horde race.


The Val’kyr of a type of undead Vrykul and one of the best looking races in the game (in my humble opinion). Once these flying bringers of death were minions of the Lich King, however, after his fall this race has become “unemployed”. The Forsaken have taken advantage of this and have brought several of the Val’kyr into their ranks, making a perfect opening for this race to become a playable part of the Horde. 

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