WOW Two-hand and Double-hold Frost

ust from the appearance, maybe the two-hand weapon is more proper for DK. The Frostmourne used by Alsace is two-hand sword. With the WLK orange weapon Shadowmourne, you can never resist the glamour of two-hand weapon. So, we are going to talk about how to choose wow items as the most proper weapons for DK.
But from the demand of the team, to output higher DPS is much more important than appearance. Players should make the options according to your own operation habits and tastes. Today, we are going to talk about the Frost DK’s output from two-hand weapon and double-hold weapon.

When the blood volume of the target is lower than 35%, Soul Reaper is absolutely the priority. No matter you are using two-hand weapon or double-hold weapon, you should obey this rule. From the damage caused every single time, with the same level of gear, the damage from two-hand weapon is higher than one-hand weapon. So, the damage of Soul Reaper in every single attack caused by two-hand weapon is higher as a result, but the difference is not large. On the other hand, it is also very important to keep illness.

The biggest difference exists in the normal stage, when the blood volume of the target is higher than 35%. You need to keep illness and choose main damage output skills with high frequency. As the talent varies, the passive skills can be strengthened by different degrees according to different weapons you choose. That is the main reason to cause the difference.

Obliterate is a skill that depend of weapons a lot, which means, when you use Obliterate, the damage caused by two-hand weapon is more impressive than one-hand weapons. While the skill Might of the Frozen Wasters can provide buff to damages caused by two-hand weapons. It makes the Obliterate the most important skill to cause high-frequency damages to cause damages while using two-hand weapon.

Threat of Thassarian can also help strengthen the damage caused by Obliterate while using double-hold weapons. But Frost Strike which needs to consume rune energy is not a better choice for double-hold DK. Obliterate is just used to consume and control the rune energy for the double-hold DK.

As high-frequency skills consume different kinds of resources, the rhythm of double-hold DK is much faster than two-hand DK. The runes control of two-hand weapon DK is more precise relatively. 

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