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Lightning gears is welcomed by wide players in the World of Warcraft. It gives players new goals in game and give normal players chances to catch up with the professional players. Even through Blizzard has said that they think the lightning gears performs really well in the earlier period, we have no idea whether there will still be lighting gears in the latter content. So, why don’t we have a discussion about it? How do you like the idea of lightning gears in WOW?
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It is a good idea and it gives normal players new hopes. Since the release of the patch 5.2, players had chances to win the Thunderforged items in normal and heroic raids whose item levels are 6 levels higher than the counterparts. If you are kind of tired with the normal ways to get the wow items of top levels, you may have hopes and start to expect for more things. The Thunderforged items are like the extra gifts to those who have good lucks and work harder.

It is hard to get, and it makes little difference. To be honest, it is not easy to get the Thunderforged items. As the drop rate is much lower, you have to try more times to get it. Since the drop rate in the 25-player raid is much higher than it is in the 10-player raid, to have bigger chance to win the prize, you’d better join a 25-player team. It is easy for those who are in Guild or have many friends in WOW, but it is never easy for those who do not have so much companions. They have to wait for really long time to get a random 25-player team. So, most of them can just stay in 10-player team, from which the item level is much lower than the 25-play team, and the drop rate for the Thunderforged items is lower as well. It is never easy, so it makes little difference to their game experience.

Some adjustments need to be done. Just like what we have mentioned above, some adjustments may be done to the drop rate of the Thunderforged items in 10-player and 25-player raids. So, the wider players can enjoy the prizes and share the new hopes. But from the view of the game developers, it is not that easy to just adjust the drop rate, they have to consider more things to protect the benefit of more players’. So, how to keep the balance and make more players satisfy, Blizzard may need to think about smarter ideas. 

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