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Carbine Studios and NCsoft officially announced their much-anticipated new MMO WildStar Online today at Gamescom 2011. In addition to a teaser trailer and a chunk of screenshots, some information on the game was also revealed at the fair. What’s more, its official website goes online now, enabling you to register for the beta test.

Carbine Studios presents a prevision of what we can expect from this great MMORPG. The fantasy world of WildStar Onlineis pretty impressive with arresting adventures and incredible mysteries. Besides, WildStar will offer you something new and innovative. In detail, we are given much freedom which allows us to play the game as we want. Previously, this groundbreaking feature was kept as a top secret, but now the time has come to disclose it to all fans and interested gamers.

WildStar Online is distinguished by its iconic visual style and well-designed MMO content in brand-new ways. A complicated virtual world is created with rich content which adapts to your personal playing style and individual actions. The story of WildStar takes place on Nexus, the home planet of a prominent figure Eldan. Nexus was once one of the most powerful stars in the infinite galaxy, and was respected by other celestial bodies due to its advanced technology and mighty magic. Its prosperity and glory prevailed till the sudden disappearance of Eldan. Numerous species from all corners of the galaxy are now making a claim to Nexus and trying to unravel the mystery that envelops the planet.

It is time for you to take action! Choose your unique path, foray into this clamorous planet and embark on an incomparable adventure! The possible paths are as follows:

—Scouts will be rewarded for climbing high mountains and discovering hidden caves.

—Soldiers will get promoted for defeating hordes of enemies and achieve fame and fortune along the way.

—Scientists are privy to the deepest secrets of the planet and give their top priority to revealing the mystery behind the disappearance of Eldan.

—Settlers aim to begin a new life in this extraordinary world.

Whichever path you opt for, you will be exposed to mythical secrets and epic adventures in a way that can compete with the best solo and multiplayer RPGs. A dark, vicious force threatens to eliminate all life on this planet, and it’s your job to stop them!

As mentioned above, WildStar Online is a futuristic fantasy MMORPG in which you assume the role of a scout, a soldier, a scientist, or a settler, gallantly forge ahead to an unknown world and immerse yourself in all kinds of quests. In other word, you can explore this captivating world which is deeply interwoven with puzzles and challenges and go through an unforgettable yet unique experience according to your own style.

As for the so-called innovative players’ paths, you can not only select who your character is, but also choose why he or she comes to Nexus. While you opt for your desired race and class, your character’s motives are also ascertained. As a result, a unique content which is specially tailored to your preferred playing style is waiting to rock you in WildStar.

Another feature of WildStar Online is Momentum Mechanics which bring to life our fast-paced world full of daring actions and engaging adventures. The developer makes it possible for us to get indulged in an enchanting universe brimming with contents, challenges and rewards. You don’t simply focus on fulfilling quests and defeating monsters, instead, you are in pursuit of what you really aspire to in WildStar. For example, if you are weary of fighting numerous enemies, you can focus on collecting precious items or building a thriving kingdom. Besides, you also have access to a bunch of mini-challenges and unexpected events which will certainly further enrich the already alluring content.

To sum up, WildStar Online possesses a great storyline with epochal game content that captures the best elements of the greatest RPGs. The epic journey will be permeated with delightful surprises and tons of fun. Join in the beta of WildStar and start off a refreshing experience!


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