FFXIV ARR: Jack of all trades , master of all

By Final Fantasy 14 : Rebirth of the realm website first , people who browse game without having any prior knowledge of the importance of firearms system will not require long-term show.

Armory system is the cornerstone of the game , after all , will be among the top ” game features ” Someone should be required to recite the list of top five lists .

But armory convenient for you ? Well implemented ? Balance not enough for you ? Let’s find out.

Since all beta testers already know ( or even leisure travelers FFXIV: ARR website can easily find ) , armory system allows a single character to be a ” jack of all trades .” The difference is that the way it works , you can feel assured that ” jack of all trades , no master ” slogan does not apply.
Armory system to achieve it ?

Final Fantasy XI players will be familiar with a similar system , which allows players to “equipment” a primary a secondary classes , create several “hybrid” combination of characters . Although the system is different, one would say , more streamlined than eleven people find that it is definitely worth discussing availability, accessibility and intuitive.

First, it should be emphasized , as it is quite a positive development , slight disadvantage armory system seems constantly overcome with time . The introduction of the gear set and a few small , but significantly enhanced inventory system indicates that the system has been fine-tuned on the basis of continuous feedback .

In addition to the armory chest ( case, the term is not sounded the alarm , which is FFXIV: ARR gear -specific inventory and mercifully , there are – organization gears automatically each slot ) , has been on every project indicator shows whether the character can be equipped with the current class , which allows for faster overview of pieces of gear , but hover over each device project incantation to determine whether you can use it , or do not wear .

Changing a class seems to be a very simple experience , from the second time . Why the second time , you ask ? Ah , the first attempt ( and timely equipment, a new class of weapon you want to change it into a class ) , you will briefly naked , because your new class has no gear assigned to it. ( Sincerely ) As several people painfully discovered in Beta 3 phase, which is not a good idea , and immediately sell your level one time you replace the better , because you still need to wear a standard thing .

Of course, you can run around half-naked Eorzea , if you wish, but some crafted items ( Weaver, or leather armor , depending on the case at hand ) , and will provide you with bonuses , and wear in one version , so you should prepare accordingly for your life as a new class , make sure to change it , you can wear something .

Once this little trouble to take care of , the setting of any one class is straightforward enough . A couple of tips, if you miss those :

You can “share” the shortcut bar between classes ( locked ) . The option to do this can be found under the character configuration > Hotbar Hotbar will be set up to share .
In addition, you can specify the class change action ( equipment gear group ) , as well as your bar. This way, you can easily have an action bar , including only ” a kind of change,” icon , through which you can change whatever you want a class with a single click or press the button.

Overall, the armory system implementation seems to be quite good so far , a number of additional options on the items / inventory sorting and searching pushing it closer to a perfect realization . As an overview, especially considering the collection and production of class ( also known as the “disciples of the land ” and ” disciple hand” ) , can have their own special gear , with numerous collection / crafting bonus, the system fully refine a fast, trouble-free , such an exchange of experience , so … as long as you take care of your gear , of course !

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