Paladin Job Unlock

Recruitment Unlock Guide

Paladin’s commitment to the fighter’s guild Ul’Dah Lulutsu. This task requires that you have completed as a gladiator, as Conjurer’s 15 30. This task requires you to hustings “word strip chat Jenlyn, head Sultansworn elite and you can find nearly rule aethernet debris Chamber Jenlyns.


This is a two round fight. In the first round to face the cavalry, but avoid high damage attacks. In the second round, you are faced with a single Master. Formidable challenge, you should soon have ash into the fire.
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Know your inner Paladin

Paladin’s ability to open a 30 “Sword Oath.” This can improve your attack, all the attacks increased by 50 effect. In addition, the exchange Paladin increase your health pool of about 20%. Paladin shares warriors its properties and level. As a paladin leveling up as a gladiator, your level increases, and vice versa.

Be careful, though, as a Paladin, you can only pull capacity, Gladiator, Paladin, Mage and predators. This newly minted since Gladiator Paladin can pull boxer and Lancer defensive ability will also make life difficult. In the 30, you’re probably best ability of several Paladin until the remaining tanks fighter mode can be unlocked by upgrading.

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