Runescape Lodestone network

A friend “Married2life” has the same problem that developed today. The only destination available from the ((H)) (whether you access it from the Minimap or the Magic Abilities icon) is Burthorpe. Have not found a solution.Player Mailstud, on 28-Nov-2012 in the ‘Runescape EOC/Commonly Reported – Not A Bug’ forum, said “I have not been able to [access the Lodestone network] .. I just get teleported straight to Burthorpe …” There was no response or indication of what the problem might be.

I have unlocked all lodestones and have used all of them multiple times.
This morning when I try to lode telly all it does is send me straight to Burthorpe. I don’t get the little lodestone map or anything. Runescape Powerleveling When I walk to where a lodestone should be all I find is a blackened spot on the earth. The lodestone graphic is absolutely gone. It looks as though it has been struck with lightening.

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