RS Attack Style Weapons

There are four main attack styles on RS. You can know the attack styles, just click the cross swords in your inventory. If you can master these styles well, it is an easy way to earn money from runescape accounts sell.

The Accuracy is the most common attack style by players. If you want to train defense or strength, Accuracy is not of much use, but it is quite helpful for leveling Attack skill. If you are committed to Combat leveling, you should find some guides about skills training to guide you to save time and energy. Or you can Runescape Powerleveling accounts with level 99 skills to start playing RS. There are many sites which sell rs accounts in full level skills. For each damage, you can get 4 exp.

The Aggressive style is useful for leveling Strength skill. You can gain 4 exp points per damage given to your opponents. It is much stronger than Accurate with a little inaccuracy. As it is slow, it may give much time for your opponent time to recover and hit you again.

The Defensive style can help raise defense skill and increase your chance of blocking. It is a little slower than Accuracy but the difference is really small. When you are fighting against a target, defensive style can double the damage you deal to your opponent. You can gain 4 exp from per damage in three of your skills as it give 1.33 exp points to defense, strength and attack.

There are various kinds of weapons and weapon styles in Runescape. If you want to be an elite of RS, you have to masters a variety of weapons and have good knowledge of their uses to train your skills with your runescape accounts for sale. Different weapons have different uses and different types of attacks. Weapons are critical for winning a battle as the attack styles determine how much damage you can hit to your opponents and how much exp you can gain during battle. If you want to train Combat high, you should have clear knowledge of Attack styles. In terms of attack styles of different weapons, some of them hit hard, while others hit low but hit fast.

Most weapons can deal heavier damage and much more accurate when hitting enemies. For instance, a battleaxe can give 2 swords. And weapons deal with lesser damage than the weapons above normally are faster in hitting the enemies and are also less accurate. Hence is no difference but it is depending on what type weapon you like to use the most.

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