Neverwinter would like to share some Profound Ponderings about skeletons

As an RPG fans, you know skeletons are always a@#holes – always. They always have some sort of bone to pick with you or threatening to gut your gizzard out. No one time for that. Necromancers? Also a@#holes. Anyone who MAKES skeletons is a jerk face. They’re cold, heartless, ruthless, relentless, and don’t know fear.  This is no different in Neverwinter. 
Perhaps I’m being too hard on them. To never feel Buy Runescape Gold the touch of a living creature again has to be difficult on you. That feeling of being a fleshy meat sack into a cold desolate walking calcium deposit takes its tolls on the soul. You never know when a cleric will just come around the corner and turn the negative energy from your marrow. Nah, skeletons are mindless and want to wear your skin, they got to go.
Watch the Profound Pondering news above, brought to you by Neverwinter, to confirm that sinking feeling you’ve always had had about skeletons. Want more wisdom? Check out the past videos or news on the game official site

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