what is the difference between now popular web game and RS?

“RuneScape” ranked No. 7 in the Top 07 in Yahoo keyword .
According to iResearch iResearch Consulting recently published data collation MMOGCHART.com show in February 2008 winner of the world’s biggest online gaming market is still Blizzard’s ” World of Warcraft” , accounted for 62.3 % of the market share, far ahead of other games. Although the ” World of Warcraft” obvious advantages , but in this list , but the most striking is the second of Jagex LTD. Developed web game “RuneScape”, accounting for 6.9%.

“RuneScape” is only able to squeeze into the top three of a web game , not underestimate the strength can be described , in the game where players can make money not lie Oh , although not encouraged prop trading , but it still has some flow value .

Is not it curious that in the end what is attractive to attract so many players and even gold players into its embrace it? It is now the country with our popular web game , what is the difference then ?

It has a vivid expression system .

On my opinion, it ‘s an expression system comparable to World of Warcraft expression system , of course, you also need to reach a certain level in order to see .


It has The Grand Exchange goods consignment system .

The Grand Exchange is a newly opened independent game trading system , members and non-members can be used, with emphasis on its connectivity with all servers , you can do the same , and 50 million transactions . This system is similar to rubbing stock trading system , buyers and sellers do not need to meet, all transactions are done automatically, commodity price fluctuations with the city , once the transaction can not go back ..If you want to buy RS gold, Welcome to Runescapegold2007.com.Runescapegold2007.com is a website that sells a variety of online gaming items to the online gamers, which include RS Gold, SWTOR Credits, Diablo III Gold, FFXIV Gil, and a host of other items. All items are available at cheap prices and they have a round the clock customer support to assist the customers.

More different , go to the game and slowly enjoy it ~

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