RS Christmas Festive Crackers task


Christmas has a lot of exciting activities, such as Festive Crackers,The Blessing of Winter.Don’t forget that the Festive Aura is available to all members throughout December, giving +50% to XP gain for up to 30 minutes per day! It also counts towards your Blessing of Winter during the 15 Days of Christmas. Grab one from a helpful imp, if you don’t have one already.

Have fun spending time with your RuneScape friends this Christmas. Pull a cracker or two, attend some of our awesome community events, and – most of all – have a great holiday season.

How to get involved with the 15 Days of Christmas:
Get your hands on a festive cracker. Then, find a fellow reveller and use the cracker on them to give it a pull!
If you’re looking for advice, or need a new Festive Aura, speak to one of the helpful imps, found at most lodestone locations, as well as near the Grand Exchange; next to the Imperial Guard quartermaster in Burthorpe; in Ardougne Marketplace; and in Falador’s city centre.

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