A new chapter in epic saga where of the RuneScape game


Developer Jagex today announced that its free MMORPG web game “RuneScape 3” formally launched and announced the official on-line videos.

Developed a large role played by Jagex page tour “RuneScape” Since the 2001 launch , with a rich adventure to explore, collect resources , manufacture , tasks , PVP and festivals like being welcomed by the majority of players in the world , especially in European and American players it was in August 2008 was listed as the total number of players up to the Guinness World records for free massively multiplayer online role-playing game . Jagex said , “RuneScape 3” symbolizes the beginning of the Battle of Lumbridge (Lumbridge is where players start the game ) , while the player’s behavior RuneScape game will reshape the future of the world, in “RuneScape 3” in the original “RuneScape” popular elements will be preserved and strengthened.

Jagex said , “RuneScape 3” will lead players into the medieval fantasy world , join the huge online adventure , players will be armed medieval weapons, use magic to fight the dragon and the magician , and experience the epic task to improve personal skills , or just relaxing with friends and enjoy the game world . “RuneScape 3” 3D role -playing game is free , you can support client and Web client , such as double-end version , the game has dozens of mini- adventure game , a variety of skills , thousands of monsters waiting for players to experience.

“RuneScape 3” executive producer Phil Mansell said , “RuneScape 3” players will enrich the content -oriented , story , gameplay , etc. to meet the new generation of players , they can not wait to write a new chapter in the epic saga of the RuneScape game

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