which methods make money quickly in Runescape Game


Money-making is something which requires time, efforts and sometimes even money to start with.Some people can buy Runescape gold easier online,but for some people who are not rich enough, so how could they get much more Old School Runescape gold in game?

Skills are a big part of Runescape.If you want to get high levels for your runescape accounts, you need to work a lot on skilling.Each skill is different in its own way.Some skills spark an interest, and others can be boring and slow. Now, we will tell you the some skills that can make much money.

You have to steal the best level 82 , of course, is not so high level, you can do. Methods: The method is very simple, that is to kill druids, picking them out of the herb , the herb deposit bank specific approach is:

1 ) starting from the Yanille bank into a bank near the door of the house ( in the vicinity of the bank, in addition to magic outside the union, only the house ), down the stairs.
2 ) a lock ( requires level 82 of theft ), you can see 10 to a chaos Druid (chaos druids).
3) kill Druid , picking them out of the herb 4 ) back to the bank stock, continue to the next round.

If you do not have such a high level of theft, but there are 58 or more agility, then there is another path to chaos druids can place.

1 ) In Yanille north, Watch Tower next to a building, the door is stopping cobwebs. Knife to slash open the cobwebs able to go down the stairs.
2 ) After a ledge ( likely to fall into place poisonous spiders, so to prepare anti-poison potion), where there are a lot of chaos druid warriors (chaos druid warriors).
3) continue to walk down the aisle, to place a monkey bar, where the need for agility level 58 or so ( also fall dangerous).
4 ) Finally, you finally come to a place of chaos druids.

Of course, chaos druids edgeville cellar there , but it is in the wild, there is the danger of being someone PK ‘s, it is best not to fight Chaos Druids in that place.

Payout: herb is very expensive , it is said even the most humble of guam leaf can be sold for 500 one so if you can go agility dungeon play Chaos Druid , then profit is still pretty impressive, one hour less there are 300K. income, but this approach also exercise your combat effectiveness.

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