Pets WOW power leveling

Congratulations, maggots—err, tamers! You’ve survived a year of basic training, amassed a veritable army of pets, and now it’s time to move you into the advanced course and apply your tactical training against other tamers out in the wide, wide world. If you thought some of my challenges were easy before, You can give him WOW power leveling, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Your target this week is Zunta, an aspiring pet tamer who neglected to train under my watch . . . so now you’re going to teach him the lesson he deserves. He’s a troll who hangs out in Durotar just south of Orgrimmar, and he’s got two measly little pets that resemble the goo still stuck to the bottom of my boots.

The two meager minions in question are Mumtar and Spike. Mumtar is a Critter, and as you most certainly already know, Critters are generally strong against Undead and weak against Humanoid. They also have bonus defense when facing an Elemental and weak defense when facing a Beast. Spike is—ironically enough—a Beast, and he will generally be strong against Critters and weak against Flying. Spike’s defense is strongest when facing a Humanoid, and weakest when facing a Mechanical foe. Well isn’t that special?!

Wait, I don’t need to waste my own breath on this stuff—I’ve got underlings to do that. Let’s bring in Mr. Crithto to give you the details of your assignment.

You might be thinking this is a fairly easy exercise. For me it is, but for you it’s your first step toward becoming a Master Tamer like me. Which you’re not! And don’t even think for one second you can cheese Crithto’s orders, because they also happen to be my orders. And it’s just a small taste of what’s to come in Major Payne’s Advanced Pet Battles Training.

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