Warlords of Draenor: Effects of Skills Guards and Garrisons

In recent weeks we have been bombarded with news about the new expansion, and it would be no different with WoD almost knocking.

These days were released animations of talents Level 100 and news about mountings!

Effects of Skills

The Wowhead made screen shots to show the animations and effects of skills and talents to level 100, plus some others that received new animations. Below we show the materials provided by them (the names of skills that are in English, do not yet have official translation):

Death Knight

Breath of Sindragosa e Defile
Video with animations



Lunar InspirationBristling Fur,  Stellar Flare
Video with animations


Focusing Shot
Video with animations


New Ice , Evanesce , Supernova , Meteor , Prismatic Crystal , Arcane Orb , Comet Storm , Protection Sortílego , Fingers Glaciers , Unstable Magic
Video with animations


Breath of the Serpent,  Serenity,  Hurricane Strike
Video with animations


Empowered Seals,  Seraphim,  Final Verdict


Fonte de LuzClarity of Will,  Clarity of Purpose
Video with animations


Cracked reed , Shadow Reflection
Video with animations


Storm Elemental Totem ,   Magma Liquid ,   Ghost Wolf ,   Feral Spirit ,   Eco Element ,  Storm Elemental Totem +   Primal Elementalist
Video with animations


Cataclysm,  DemonboltGrimoire of Synergy,  Incinerar
Video with animations


Ignite Weapon,  Ravager
Video with animations

 Guards Garrisons


The linings are fortresses that players can build, govern and manage. They will be based in Warlords of Draenor and this new building there will be NPCs who make their saves.

Who has access to the beta of WoD can change the race of the NPC guard. And seems to be pretty simple: just be exalted with some faction and talk to the officer chosen faction City Centre (there will be no official factions with which you are not exalted). When you return to your Garrison, the race of the guards will be changed. The change can be made for anyone who plays in the Alliance, and the appeal has not yet been made available to the Horde.

This change was observed by players that are in Beta for WoD, so some things may change when the game comes out in the final version to the public.

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