Basic Goalkeeper Skills in FIFA 15 Career Mode

fifa coinsAs the last barrier of the opponent, GK plays an essential role. How to play the GK depends on how much you know about the opponent attacking. This guide will introduce some advantages of a goalkeeper to better play the game.

The movement of the ball
With the ball movement, GK can see the changes of the ball more clearly than any other player on the pitch, no matter whichever team player is going to shoot or pass. When the opponent scores goal, the GK should be as calm as to make quick adjustments and save the ball according to the ball’s trajectory. Also, opponents passing the ball trajectory near the penalty box let the GK be aware of if his position is correct in order to make timely adjustment in advance.

Change hint of the opposition state
Though saving operation looks like simple, how to grasp the right time relies on when the ball arrives. Under normal circumstances, the most dangerous time is the coming shot that the opponents make a great effort to perform. At this moment, you must be prepared to save the ball by pressing the save button in advance. How to master this opportunity requires us to carefully observe the opposition’s striker state, which means the red circle under the feet of the opponent.

LB button- auxiliary position
In the process of the game, GK will sometimes be mobilized by opponent’s passing the ball. At this time, GK should not panic, instead, holding the LB. Then GK will move according to the system which has identified the best position to adjust. On the other hand, the aided position is just auxiliary role so we should combine LB and LT (moving slowly) to adjust slightly to achieve the best effect. Seal the angle and never let the opponent get the chance to shoot.

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