Tottenham players like FIFA 15 more than actual football

There’s not an awful lot for Tottenham’s players to be cheerful about at the moment. Even so, the joy on the faces of Andros Townsend and Nabil Bentaleb when they beat Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen at FIFA 15 is a little surprising.

We’d always assumed FIFA was for those of who can only dream about playing professional football for real. Judging by this video, it seems top players get just as excited by the game as the rest of us.

In fairness, Townsend & Bentaleb’s two victories (it’s a best of three contest) do give them bragging rights over two team mates. That explains the hugging, jumping, screaming, bragging, bad forfeits… all the stuff you get in front rooms across the land.

But perhaps Christian Eriksen and the rest of them are glad to simply be playing a game that doesn’t involve getting yelled at by Mauricio Pochettino?

What do you think would be more fun?Being a profession player or playing FIFA 15?

What do you think would be more fun?

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