Arjen Robben has been bitten by a crocodile in Qatar

Man United target Arjen Robben bitten by CROCODILE at Bayern Munich training camp.

Yes, you read that correctly. Arjen Robben has been bitten by a crocodile in Qatar.

The Bayern Munich star, 30, is used to throwing himself to the ground when he’s barely been touched.

Except this time, he may just have a point.

Robben has claimed he was bitten by a crocodile while fishing a ball from a lake on Bayern’s winter training camp in Qatar.

According to German newspaper Bild, that’s the reason why Robben is now wearing a bandage round his “heavily bruised thumb, middle and ring fingers”.

Robben said: “When I got a ball from the hole by the pool, a crocodile bit me.”

Other reports claim the injury was picked up during a weights session – but we know which ones we’d rather believe.

Pictures above and below show Robben’s middle finger on his left hand heavily bandaged and Bild say that Robben has a “ heavily bruised thumb, middle and ring fingers. ”

Over the years the Dutchman has been accused of plenty of dramatic dives and simulation, so it would have been interesting to see his reaction after being bitten by a croc, right ?

The former Chelsea star has been linked with a stunning switch to Manchester United this summer.

Louis van Gaal is a huge fan of the Dutch star, whose contract runs out in June 2017.

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