How to Make Easy FIFA 16 Coins

The release of FIFA 16 is crazily popular and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team game mode that turns us into greedy persons who continuously ask the money. And due to it’s all for a large cause, players are here to share with players some tips and tricks on how to make a lot of money in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and do it easy.

So many methods to achieve this goal of cumulate your funds in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, while as we know that the rules of trade is to buy low and sell high. Nevertheless, due to it is simpler to say than to do, some examples will definitely make players’ goal easier to achieve. So here are some FIFA 16 Coins making tips.


The first one is to buy Squad Fitness cards. Such a method won’t keep for a long time but it worked great in my case since now gamers now are selling their Fitness players cards in the game to make money for other cards. That is to say, but it’s also something players need to take advantage of. It’s could be a adventure since we have no ideas that if the price of these cards will indeed double or triple, but when gamers compare the buy now price of the Fitness cards with those in game of last year, they could be real bargains now and will get more expensive as people will need them more.

The next is that to be clear about the market and know the prices. It just sounds like a silly advice, but if players clear of the prices of the cards, it must be a lot easier for players to make money. Don’t forget that EA also charges a 5% tax on all sales, so have that into account when buying. Just take a real situation as an example, players could say that they have bought a card for 1,000 FIFA 16 Coins. If player sell it for 1050, they must consider that they have gain some profit, but on the contrary, you will lose some money since players will only get 997 FIFA 16 Coins from the sale. So always try to purchase a card that’s less than the market price with at least 10%. Just like this you guarantee a bigger gain.

Another one is to buy high value players cards. The bigger the price tag is the better profit players will get. Buying a card for 20,000 FIFA 16 Coins and selling it for 22,000 FIFA 16 Coins will let players gain a profit of 900 FIFA 16 Coins. If players buy a card for 2,000 FIFA 16 Coins and sell it for 2,200 FIFA 16 Coins, they only get a profit of 90 FIFA 16 Coins and they have to go through 10 similar deliveries to get 900 FIFA 16 Coins.

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