Many Of The Unique Features Of Mu Legend

Mu Legend was decided to be hack-and-slash MMORPG with the previous quarter view. According to the developer, they thought having a quarter-view will allow users to feel the joy of mass battle using simple mouse and keyboard control. The team talked about Mu Legend’s four classes, another is now in preparation. Any classes details information can be found more here.

Mu Legend

Gamers can use this time to explore many of the unique features of Mu Legend, including the three different levelling systems. Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways. Do you want to know what is three different levelling systems? Entirely latest news update At U4GM and cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale, welcome to visit it.

Actually, Mu Legend has a theatrical 3D panoramic screen installed for the gamers to enjoy Webzen’s G-star exclusive game trailer. There will be multiple events and giveaways, giving out high end graphic cards and other quality Mu Legend gifts. In the play test area for Mu Legend, gamers will be able to experience the game themselves. Are you ready now?

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