Mu Legend Is Suppose To Cater Graphically For People

Mu Legend is suppose to cater graphically for people, it’s worth delighting that the graphics of Mu Legend is pretty perfect. Mu Legend is the continuation of the popular in the early 2000’s 3D MMORPG, Mu Online. In Mu Legend, you can learn about how the Great Sage Ikarus failed to prevent the resurrection of Kundun and therefore sent the heroes back to the past.

Mu Legend

In addition, in Mu Legend, there is a guild system called Knightage. Over guild wars, the developers are still conjuring, trying to find the best option, which will not force players to participate in mass PvP. The main tasks for the current moment are to determine the amount of PvP itself and the optimal number of participants in it. The guild system and guild PvP is positioned as a high-level PvP content.

Recently, Mu Legend is increasingly in the focus of the game press, with clearly defined information about the game is nowhere. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3. According to Webzen, this stable and proven engine is well suited for demonstrating large-scale battles on not too powerful PC configurations.

In all honesty, Mu Legend and original Mu Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. So attractive gameplay, gamers have option of buying Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.

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