Diablo 4 Guides: Druid The Ultimate Lightning Builds

This Lightning Build for Druid in Diablo 4 is fun to play and extremely powerful. With the right gear, skill tree, and Paragon board, you can clear massive amounts of mobs at an excellent range and also deal impressive single-target damage.

The core of this build revolves around the Lightning Storm skill, enhanced by the Direwolves aspect and the Rampaging Werebeast, leading to incredible critical damage.

Why Choose the Lightning Build?
The main advantage of this build lies in its range potential. With the ability to eliminate mobs off the screen while avoiding damage, this build is capable of pushing higher-tier nightmare dungeons. It’s possibly the most enjoyable build to play and feels good for any content.

Required Items:
Helmet: Tempest Roar. This allows your storm skills also to become werewolf skills, enabling you to use Lightning Storm while in werewolf form and benefiting from Grizzly Rage.

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Chest Armor: Choose a legendary aspect that reduces damage while shape-shifting into a werewolf. Other beneficial stats include damage reduction from close enemies, total armor, and a few stats for increased damage.

Gloves: Choose gloves that apply the Mikey passive to your storm skills. This is essential for the build to gain the Mikey buff through storm skills. Good stats here include lucky hit chance and 4 ranks to Lightning Storm.

Pants: The Aspect of Disobedience is a great legendary aspect for increased armor, which seems to be the most powerful form of defense currently in the game. Other good stats include damage reduction while fortified, damage reduction from close enemies, max life, and dodge chance.

Boots: Pick up the Ghost Walker aspect. This increases movement speed while Unstoppable during Grizzly Rage.

Weapon: Opt for a one-handed weapon with an imprint that deals increased damage for each second you stand still. Since Lightning Storm is a channeled skill, you are standing still while channeling it, making it a good overall damage increase for this build.

Necklace: The Direwolves aspect is another essential one for the build. This increases movement speed, damage, and spirit cost reduction while benefiting from Grizzly Rage.

Rings: The Aspect of Rampaging Werebeast is another essential legendary for this build. This causes Grizzly Rage to last longer and also increases Critical Strike damage every time you crit.

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Totem: Choose the Aspect of Retaliation. Your core skills deal increased damage based on your amount of fortify.

Skill Tree and Paragon Board
Next, let’s move on to the skill tree and Paragon board. For the generator, take Storm Strike. For the defensive row, take Cyclone Armor for damage reduction. For the skill tree, take Wild Impulses for more damage and just one point in crit chance against close enemies.

For the Paragon board, use the Exploit glyph on the first board. This is good when you initially engage with mobs or bosses as you will apply vulnerable for three seconds. On the next board, take Lust For Carnage for the legendary node. For the glyph here, take Werewolf, which increases damage while in werewolf form.

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