5 Points To Better Powerleveling Guide

Main Principle In Power Leveling
DOWN-TIME is your enemy! Down time is defined as either sitting around waiting for manna, waiting for health, or running to and from the graves. How do you minimize down time? By killing that which is WEAKER than you and thus the numerous smaller XP gains will rack up faster than the slower, bulky XP gains. Read on for more.

This has been a big debate in this game. Some people just want to kill and grind without bothering to do quests. But I disagree. I believe that quests are an important component of powerlevelling as they give additional EXP, money, and items. BigDwarf starts the game in Dun Morogh, near an icy field full of lvl 1-3 wolves and such. He immediately runs to the field and starts hammering wolves. He gets to level 3 fast enough, in about 40 minutes, after killing dozens of wolves. He then starts talking to the NPC’s nearby that have Yellow “!” (exclamation marks) on top of their heads (a yellow ! means the NPC has a quest for you)

So BigDwarf talks to an NPC who gives him a quest to kill 15 wolves, and when he does he gets extra exp and extra copper. The problem is, of course, that now BigDwarf has to go back to the fields and kill wolves again. Had BigDwarf taken the quest at the start, he would have greatly increased the efficiency of his character gains and would have the quest completed! Grinding is always good, but the benefits of questing is that you get additional exp for finishing a quest, and cash or valued items.

Learn this lesson now, or waste numerous hours to learn it the hard way. In fact, this is certainly what I would call a key to the game. This principle becomes more profound the more you advance in levels. Numerous times I found myself accepting a quest to kill “10 of X monster” that I had already killed 20 of! Its so tempting to do this:

talk to NPC –> Get Quest –> Do Quest –> Return

Trust me! Once you get out of the first newbie stage and are past level 5, this approach will slow you down. You want to gain maximum levels, at maximum speed! The right approach, therefore looks like this:

Talk to all NPC’s in the greater vacinity –> Get All The Quests you can muster. Collect quests like candy. Accept them from NPC’s, accept them from other players (when you are in a group, players can ‘share’ quests).

Quest A may say “Kill 10 of monster X”, and Quest B may say “Kill 10 of monster Y”. You will find that as you kill monster X, you have to plow your way through several monster Y’s. In essence, you are completing two quests simultaneously. Doing multiple quests at once is the only way to fly.

typing “/1” will broadcast to the regional channel. The other way I do it is simply go to the location of monsterX (providing the server is populated enough), and either invite people or send a /tell message to them (typing /tell *name* will instant message someone). There is always someone nice enough to let you join, or someone who will hook up with you.

The point is, GET IN A GROUP and you will see the EXP gains as well as the quests fly. Having said that, I must mention that if you group, make sure the group is coordinated and not just some fly-by-night group of inefficient morons. If the people in your group are not serious about getting the job done, leave. You will fare better solo any day than you would in a chaotic group. And if you can’t find a group, just ‘skip’ that quest and go to the next one, and return later when you can. Solo when you can, but don’t push it and waste 3 hours trying to solo a mission you could do in 20 minutes if you were in a group. 

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