A Rumored New WOW Expansion Called Cataclysm

What we heard: The site quotes “multiple sources close to the situation” who claim two new races will be added to WOW as part of a rumored new expansion called “Cataclysm.” For the Alliance faction, the upcoming race will purportedly be the savage Worgen. Meanwhile, the Horde will reportedly receive the once-neutral Goblin race.

The suspected leak comes after previous ponder that the Goblins and Worgen would be added to the 11-million-strong massively multiplayer online role-playing game’s roster. On July 17, the fan site MMO Champion said it was sure the two races would be playable after Blizzard revealed wow Goblin and Worgen novelty masks for its in-game Halloween-themed festival. Previously, only playable races were granted such distinction.

The reported name of the imagined upcoming wow expansion, Cataclysm, was trademarked by Blizzard on June 26 for everything from computer games to greeting cards. When GameSpot inquired to the developer on the trademark filings, the company declined to give any further details on the title, including whether the cataclysm label would be applied toward other game series or a new one altogether. 

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