The amazing changes that World of Warcraft in 5.3 version patch

Blizzard released the 5.3 version of World of Warcraft PTR patch notes on March 22. Apparently from a content point of view is a preview version, some of WOW Gold which is yet to be announced. Just released part, we see a lot of amazing changes: 1, PVP big change. All the roles now have the basis of 65% (from 40% up), to compensate for this toughness increase, the most PVP equipment toughness remove toughness. This will be a change in the past the PVP must wear a full set of PVP gear this situation. Perhaps those of you high-grade copy of equipment are now able to replace those toughness PVP gear. This is a good start, from the the Blizzard 5.2 PVP changes we found now PVP has more civilians, and 5.3 of this change is more close to the people. 2, battlefield, Rated battlegrounds and arena items level cap. All the equipment item level will be reduced to 496. Perhaps this is the measure of the the Blizzard balance of the first changes, yes, even if you are wearing a copy of the high level of equipment into the arena or battlefield, they will automatically downgrade to 496. That is, wearing a 522 and then go to the battlefield slaughter kids unrealistic ideas, your equipment will automatically downgrade to the 496, of course, attribute addition also decreases. It needs to be noted is mentioned here is the upper limit That is, if your equipment itself is less than 496, the system can not help you improve. 3, equipment upgrades regression. However, only PVE equipment upgrades, and the PVP equipment can not be upgraded. To see how these three are a whole reveals the Blizzard want PVP and PVE natural divide to become such a huge 5.3. 4, the hero of the scene the Battle and other changes to allow us to discover Blizzard increasing emphasis on casual play.

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