WOW players complain more plug male game boss played too tired

Plug-word in online games, has been no stranger to many online games to support a variety of functions plug. Most representative than the World of Warcraft, you can say almost all World of Warcraft players are using the plug-in, big leader alarm, injury statistics, small sale assistant, mail enhancement. Can you think of our over-reliance on the plug, and plug-ins also let the game become tasteless? So players called to abandon the plug-in, return to the origin of the game to take a look at WOW Gold.

Plug-ins from the inception of the World of Warcraft has been staggering, and it appears to facilitate our game experience, to make up for some of the game itself inconvenience. As the World of Warcraft version of the update, many plug-in provides functionality Blizzard integrated into the game, such as the task’s goal prompted, team assistant, as well as a lot of the boss will be displayed prominently prompts tell the players need to be careful of a skills . Combined with the use of plug-ins, the copy has become increasingly simple, even boring.

Many of our older players now the couple simply a look at plug-in tips for novice still incomprehensible. Once the World of Warcraft to encourage teamwork challenges, it has now become a place of the comparisons of data. The GS equipment points is the most significant manifestation of the rage a few years ago Finally, Blizzard had to add a new item level threshold to calm the situation. Injury statistics no longer is a good reminder, but the order to the head of kicking tools. Alarm is also true leader, players no longer need to consider the skills, and only need to listen to the alarm action. This repeated cycle, the raid is no longer interesting, the battle is no longer full of surprises and unexpected, our goal from the victory over the boss into a brush equipment, began complaining that the game is so tasteless, lack of new ideas. 

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