The Blizzard official explain about the World of Warcraft 5.3PTR

Please note: not all listed in 5.3PTR can be tested, or tested only in a limited period of time. PTR discussion forum remain concerned about to get more WOW Gold.

New battlefield: the Gold Rush. Within this new battleground in the four winds Valley Alliance and Horde Panda Elijah valuable resources to continue to compete at war. Two camps are fighting to control mine, they must protect their own resources not steal and mutiny.

New Arena: shadow trace, faction training venue in the the peak of shadow trace Kunle Hill gladiators have a new place to test their courage. Players must take advantage of the glimpses of the Tigers the statue and protection platform to get the advantages brought them victory and glory.

New scenes battle: the battle of the high seas to help your camp to resist the enemy in the battle on the high seas to get command of the sea. Battle of the new scene: snow blood. Zandalar agents have infiltrated into Dun Morogh and collection of the cream coming from trolls. Varian request once king of warriors to stop the storm of magic to protect flash Ridge, led by Moira will be her guard against them. Battle of the new scene: Panda Elijah Heart of Darkness. Goblin engineers in order to find a mysterious artifact in Jinxiu Gu mining, but they ran into trouble. By the chiefs summoned you to help them in their time of greatest need.

The new scene Campaign: ashes abyss secret. Sneak into the ashes of the abyss cave help Goblin squad to investigate the disappearances which occurred in Durotar. Hero scenes campaign, joined the scene battle on Heroic Difficulty. The scene battle in this mode for a small team of adventurers have been tempered provide challenging content. Completion of the the hero scenes campaign will reward courage points, and a chance to get a random raid quality items. 

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