Diablo 3 will release a new piece of information

Latest from Incgamers information to disclose. Diablo 3 will release a new piece of information. Blizzard’s latest investor earnings for the third quarter at the meeting, and there is not much on the Diablo 3 new messages.

Bobby Kotick said, The series of investment and well worth a long wait, and later re-reported earnings will be in August of the more than 10 million copies sold. If we arbitrarily come up with some common content or rush things work out, may temporarily satisfy the curiosity of some players, but in the long run is a very bad decision.

Expected sales may be about 11 million so far. After Blizzard president Mike Morhaime added to Diablo 3 from the sale since May is still very good sales, but the game changes has been endorsed by the community. Finally, Mike Morhaime, said the release of the new piece of information will have to wait, because the quality will determine the release date.The Lakis intersection and then transmitted back, all the way down to the Qing until Arreat door. The backhaul send giant pit the first layer, the second layer of the condemnation of sin Diablo 3 Gold, giant pit. Finally, go to the fortress of 1-3 layers. 

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