5.2 Single mode Scene Battle need unlock server progress

World of Warcraft 5.2 Add Scene Battle needs server progress Unlock, we have seen a single scene Battle, many of my friends are interested in it, not just because this scene the Battle of fun, mainly because this scene Battle can open many treasure chests.

However you want to enter the scene Battle may have to spend so little effort. Kept daily before the Battle of the scene only with the server task progress and unlock, the continuous progress of the progress and needs of the entire server with camp players, so the spirits are the players may have to slow down a bit in order to experience it.

Single scene Battle of the called Mogu Treasure Vault, can be described as the process of simply a ratio of total on two steps: Firstly, dialogue with the Dow, you have only limited time to collect the chest; please and when you’re ready Dow dialogue. Secondly, reach the exit, to reach the exit before time runs out.

Of course, in addition to a lot of gorgeous WOW Gold, the premise is that you have to open the box enough players there are machines to quote rates for elderly Lucky Charm Shanze of Runestone. Lucky Charm of the elderly can only but 5.2 of the old three the effective way get changed much, in fact, is not worth the money. The Shanze Runestone can be used to summon powerful boss, the team needs to get rid of it. Currently we do not have this boss specific message.

Battle of the scenes there is a special achievement can be completed: the lightning king hall, a description of the achievements is very simple: to open at least 10 boxes to the scene once the magic of ancient treasure mountain Battle. 

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