All kinds of fabric speed brush site in WOW

Silk: stranglethorn vale brush parrot place for WOW Gold, three words, harmonious brush touch body all too late, and flower feather raza assorted young dragon, more like a light lock unreal, this anyway more, but more is the XX liquor, destroy all too late, it is suggested that late at night to find a base friend two three brush.
Wool: because of wool with not much, so brush silk of the wool brush has been basically will be enough.

The cloth: ZuEr ferrari grams, mainly run the jade sets, the cloth, the area open, and a copy down, direct around a circle, about 5 ~ 6 group magic cloth.

A psionic tattoo cloth: shadowmoon valley legion fort 3 pile of SS place, here is the seal of brush TBC period place, refresh quickly, also can hang trumpet. KLZ old 2 or 3 old between little strange.

Frost cloth: dark cathedral, but production is pit dad, there is a place, it is said that good, SaLong mine, enchant tailor is better, the mine the door a wave flow, 5 times (one hour 5 times can’t) spend 12 ~ twenty minutes (see you skilled no) is about 12 group cream cloth and ten pieces of or so green and ~ 70 g of garbage, if light hitting the old 2 and the latter two dial the d cool people, will be more more. As for the sword hilt, depends on luck. Can also go to lightning hall and risk bay goblins ship, the ship must be goblin five squad brush, refresh to fast.

Out cloth: underground rock platform, the tailor warlock high a treasure, who brush who know, I’ll gossip? The tailor SS ate potions an hour about fifty to 80 group (the second floor), the first floor fight too much, don’t dare to.

The wind flannelette: as long as find a can brush strange place, eat a new treasure potions, black and white YanJi ore, the wind flannelette a lot 

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