WOW glorious past

WOW glorious past
As wow culture, some say plagiarism ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, some people say plagiarism ‘Lord of the Rings’, some people say plagiarism ‘Warhammer’ These claims are nonsense deepest you can judge for yourself, I would just point out that, RTS games through three generations of foreshadowing in the background is definitely not non-existent, at the time, and now, from crows to become a prophet Medivh humanoid, covered with red eyes shining sword Shengge luomu, nicknamed Demon Hunter Illidan himself have turned the devil is a well-known original characters, of course, can not be forgotten forever shrouded in a blue icy breath of death knight Arthas (later to become the Lich King) in setting wow thousands of other games could learn or with the same elements, this is normal, it is impossible to say Command & Conquer RTS where there have been other tanks tanks do not do it. evaluation of plagiarism, the key is to give people the most impressive game of the Department are also and other games similar? wow what gave us the answer, all the players are very clear mind.
Not always the king of senior players on the decline of WOW
These are glorious past. Yes, it has to make now the envy of the pre-promotion carriers and spontaneous spread of the virus, it has a non-replicable cultural background pave the way, but we must also see that today’s mainstream players, and these the past is almost isolated.

Represented by 90 players who had almost no contact with, they are very difficult to understand the Dark Portal five heroes,  even with Deathwing do not understand who is more worse, 95 years or epigenetic players have not played. right after 80 players have strong appeal for the contents of no value to them, this is not a game player’s problem is not the issue, because time has passed, ‘No one can become everlasting king.’

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