WOW Miscellaneous Tidbits and Facts

The Dark Iron event happens every 30 minutes and involves an invasion of Dark Irons who are trying to break the kegs. If they break all the kegs, you lose. If you prevent them from being broken you win. Take the free booze on the tables and drink it which will throw a keg at a Dark Iron dwarf. Silver Steins will show up which will make you spin around (which does a lot to help). Wow Gold Save at least one keg and a cog will drop that will give you the daily quest for that day and 10 tokens.

Brewfest lasts 2 weeks and the Harvest Festival (not as big of a deal) lasts during the last week in 2009.

When do they tap the kegs you ask? Dark Iron event? Do tell.
Undoubtedly the General Chat for Brewfest will be full of lame jokes, questions about tapping the kegs, and possibly Chuck Norris jokes (even though every super retailer has enough shirts to remind you of that meme). I suggest /leave 1 for your sanity, but if you’ve got some questions here are a few answers.

The kegs are tapped at 6:15 A.M. and P.M. It grants a 2 hour 10% XP boos that works similar to rested XP. So if you’re leveling up then it’s important, otherwise it’s nothing of consequence.

Groups asking for a summon mean the remote straight to the Grim Guzzler. This no longer applies because you use the dungeon finder to fight the boss.

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