World of Warcraft Frenzied Crystal of Rage

FCR is the “Cleave” trinket, which makes it great for fights with multiple targets close to together, but it doesn’t rank well on simulations or theory with one target.

Due to loot competition in my raid as well as loot RNG, this is the only trinket I’ve personally acquired so far of the tier 16 trinkets. I tried it out on Spoils of Pandaria as destruction, which is a fight so rich in multiple targets that you can spend a good majority of it with Fire and Brimstone turned on. However, the Cleave part of the trinket only did about 5% of my total damage, which settles a little lower than halfway down my damage sources on World of Logs.

Drops off: Malkorok, first boss of third wing
Proc 1: attacks can Cleave, aka same damage done up to 5 nearby targets
Proc 2: attacks grant intellect for 15 sec; 15% chance with 85 sec ICD
Proc (#2) buff name: Extravagant Visions

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On the other hand, I love this trinket when I go out to farm reputation or coins on the Timeless Isle. If you can, click the shrines for a Celestial’s buff — while Yu’lon’s or Xuen’s buff makes sense for damage dealers (Niuzao’s is good for undergeared alts), I’ve found Chi-Ji’s buff is actually the most fun to have. Pair this with the Cleave trinket and go to town rounding up reputation on the Isle.

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