Inventory: World of Warcraft players designed to commemorate the late egg

As we all know, Blizzard Azeroth left corner to commemorate the number of real-world players and Blizzard deceased employees eggs. Although most of them are due to leave the real world misfortune, but Blizzard has given them eternal life in the game.

Crusader Shibu Brad Leyden

He lay quietly Icecrown wind among infected with the deadly plague and foreshadowed his own death. The player’s task is to leave no stone unturned to save this brave and noble Crusader.However, we make every effort ultimately failed to retain him. Blizzard ” World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King ” expansion pack added to this story, to commemorate the Bradford C. Bridenbecker, Blizzard vice president of online technologies Robert Bridenbecker brother. He died of cancer in 2007, designer Chris Metzen Blizzard stories designed to remember him touching this quest line.

Ahab Mai hoof

Almost every Tauren players have encountered the name of elderly farmer, he stood next to Bloodhoof Village boardwalk, requesting the player to help him find his dog Kyle.The tasks and roles and co- authored by Blizzard young Ezra Chatterton. Ezra was a dream come true through the Foundation visited Blizzard headquarters. In addition, the child also designed Merciless Gladiator’s Crossbow of the Phoenix, he is also the world’s first to get the ashes Austrian players.After a 20-month struggle with the disease, Ezra died of brain cancer in 2008.2009 Spring Festival, Blizzard will be renamed NPC proud wheat hoof angle elderly elderly (Elder Ezra Wheathoof) to commemorate the players.

Warrior Soul Shrine

Horde players must have seen, and the players union should have heard of this famous place. Warrior Soul Temple long ago stands in Azeroth, when I just started the game, it’s in there. With Orc corpse lying on a carved stone pillow abbreviated MK, standing beside soul healer Colt.Corte English called Michel Koiter, although he young, but it is Blizzard’s senior designer of the original painting, participated in the “Warcraft 3 ” and “World of Warcraft ” game ‘s original paintings.March 2004, when the World of Warcraft is still in the development stage, because the 19 year-old Colt died of heart failure in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.Blizzard for the employee ‘s death very sorry, the team put him in the image of orcs design here, for everyone to mourn.

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