WOW power leveling have to pay attention to methods

World of Warcraft starts off as initially a level grinding game. The road from level one to level cap can be a long, at times tedious experience.

It all depends on how one levels. Some level casually with friends and are more into the social aspect of the game. But many simply go at it alone and get discouraged at the amount of WOW power leveling required. But leveling alone can be less painful, as long as you go into it with a plan. Grinding can be efficient, and can despite the time invested gain levels and cash in the process. There are three ways to go about this: grinding off mobs, off of quests, and off of constant instance running.

Grinding Mobs For Experience

Killing set packs of mobs can be a quick way to level and gain extra items for resale and disenchanting. Simply find groups of similar green level creatures with as empty bags as possible (other than food, water, and healing items). Also keep in mind that doing this will require return trips to town as your bags will become full.

The plan is to find grouped mobs, or mobs in close proximity to each other. Once you have a set group of mobs, try to pull them into a group of 3 or more, at least in a group that you can handle. This is where area of effect capable classes shine. Aoe down the mobs killing them together in a group.

Farm Green mobs, or mobs that are around 4-5 levels beneath. These mobs overall will give the most experience grinding. Grinding yellow or even orange mobs can gain more in the long term, but take longer to kill. The goal is not mob quality, but mob quantity. Killing 3 green mobs at once will gain more experience then killing one yellow mob in the same span of time.

This method will net you a decent amount of money and sellable drops as you wont have competition between other players nor money drops auto split between others.


Questing can net lots of experience – as long as you finish them in groups. Many who quest are tempted to turn in a quest once complete. Do not do this. Instead pick quests up in groups and try to do them all at once especially ones that are in the same area. When you have the full list complete then turn them all in.

Try to do this while fully rested; this method will gain lots of experience (and even more if you wear heirloom gear), and can also abuse the rested bar as it does not use rest for quests, just for mobs. Unless you are rep grinding, drop gray quests. They do not give much if any experience and take up space for a green+ quest. This method will net you a greater amount of money as quest rewards tend to be of decent quality both monetarily and wearable wise.


Instance grinding can be a sure way for rep grinding for factions, and the experience from elite mobs is great despite being in a group. Monetary rewards are also good since bosses drop decent amounts of gold and winnable items that can be disenchanted.

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