Their own specific WOW power leveling routes

WoW Insider recently posted a Breakfast Topic asking readers for their speed leveling tips. Of course, leveling at top speed isn’t everyone’s preference, but WoW Insider readers seemed to have quite some insights into the fastest way to get from level 1 to level 90!

We’ve been through the responses and picked out the most regularly mentioned and most intriguing to create this reader-inspired guide.

1. Rested Experience.
2. Heirlooms and other XP boosts
3. Recruit-A-Friend
4. Professions
5. Rares
6. Mob Farming

Many commenters had their own specific WOW power leveling routes, which we haven’t the space to reproduce here, so do check out the comments on the original post. One thing which merited some comment was the best color of quest to focus on. Readers were divided on whether it was better to focus on green-yellow quests, so quests which are relatively easy to complete, versus yellow-orange quests that are a bit harder. It likely depends a lot on your skill, your location and your heirlooms! Leveling with a friend allows you to progress through much higher level zones, so bear that in mind, too.

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