Mu Legend Five Classes And Description

In truth, Mu Legend still brings a slight surprise for the fans, Mu Legend also shows a pretty tight bond with his predecessor, reflected in the similarity of the character classes, and in particular the exploit. What’s more, Webzen has also brought new innovations and improvements to its products, aiming to help Mu Legend not be too dependent on the successful shadow of Mu Online. More Mu Legend News and source from here.

Mu Legend

Presented as the prequel to the MMORPG Mu Online, Mu Legend takes the form of a hack and slash MMO, confronting the player with cohorts of monsters both as part of missions and dungeons of varying levels of difficulty. It’s not a bad teaser if you’re looking for another hack and slash Diablo-like experience, but Webzen could probably tone down the visual effects a bit, as all the colors jumping around can make it more confusing than it should be.

Currently there are five classes in Mu Legend, each class has two different types of sub classes depending on the weapon equipped.

Classes And Description

Whisperer – Archer class
Dark Lord – Tank like class
War Mage – Range mage class
Blader – Strength is main damage
Spellbinder – This class is not playable yet, more likely to be another mage type.

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