Several MyCareer Features That NBA 2K23 Players Want To Return

Several MyCareer Features That NBA 2K23 Players Want To Return

We are now two days away from the release of NBA 2K23 and at this time many players are talking about the game. After revisiting the previous NBA 2K series, NBA 2K23 fans have come up with some of the features they would like to see a return.

Since the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K allows us to manage the careers of the athletes we create, many players are looking at changes to this mode. We can join the NBA and participate in the NBA’s mid-finals. myPlayer characters can also enjoy other aspects of celebrity, including hedging bets on the fashion world.

Fans of NBA 2K23 will want to revisit the features in past issues of MyCareer in this game. Many players have been discussing in the community the features in MyCareer mode, and in the process, many have raised hopes that the old features will return in NBA 2K23 for a bit.

Here are some of the MyCareer features that NBA 2K23 fans would like to see:

  • Draft combine and Pre-Draft Interviews
  • Draft and Mock Draft
  • Contract Negotiations and Rookie Contract
  • Key Games, Rival games, Key Player matchups, or games that have playoff implications
  • Dynamic Goals, Milestones, Coach Feedback
  • G-League, Summer League, Training Camp, Legends Training Camp
  • Gm Sit Down, Rumor Mill, Tradesm, Injuries
  • Create A Legend, [Ability to] Edit/Add Players To Roster

Many players are very fond of the above features and they are in favor of introducing these old features in NBA 2K23. They long for the days when NBA 2K’s MyPlayer characters could take damage “outside of scripted events”.

While they all miss the early versions of MyCareer, some players feel that these features have been abandoned now that The City and MyTeam have become the main modes of play. 2K Games will be releasing a modified MyCareer soon, which will prove to be the experience players want.

NBA 2K23 will be officially released in two days, and now we need to be ready to get into it. Since there are huge changes in NBA 2K23, we may encounter frustration when we enter it. If you want to proceed more smoothly in this game, then you can choose to buy 2K23 MT, which can speed up the speed of building our players.

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