Low-budget MYTEAM for new players – 2K23

This content will lead players to build the best low-budget team in 2K23 MYTEAM. Most players will be priced lower than 10K 2K23 MT, except for some players who are 12K or 15K.

Matisse Thybulle – 95 OVR – PG/SG

He’s a good point guard, six foot five with six foot ten wingspans, and he will give you some lockdown defense 98 blocks 98 steel 97 perimeters with a 94 interior protection. Although he does not have the level of top players like Scotty Barnes or Jimmy Butler Sangu, he is the best PG in the range of 10K MT.

Al Horford – 96 OVR – SF/SG

Horford and Matisse are a great pairing, and Matisse is an excellent defender who can also score at a very high level. And Horford is a six-foot-ten shooting guard with a seven-foot wingspan, so the amount of Defense in your backcourt will be crazy, crazy good; He’s got a 90 block 90 steel 93 lateral quickness 92 perimeter, and a 92 interior defense. In addition, his offense is also good, 94 3 balls 93 mid-range, relatively quick 90 speed 90 acceleration. There are 4 Shooting Badges at the HoF level: Agent 3, Catch And Shoot, Corner Specialist, and Limitless Range.

Jabari Parker – 96 OVR – SF/PF

On a sub 15K budget, Jabari Parker is the best SF player. He’s got a 90 block 88 steel 90 ladder quickness 90 perimeter, and a 19-tier defense, so basically 90 in every defensive category, no problem defensively. On the offensive end, he plays a supporting role. This card’s movement is excellent. He’s got front clutches. He’s got quick drops off one of the two best dunk packages in the game. He’s got a solid jump shot

Nicolas Claxton – 94 OVR – C/PF

The defensive strength of this card is amazing, 46 foot 11 with a seven foot two wingspan, 98 block 94 steel 95 interior defense. He’s also got HoF anchor brick wall clamps, pogo stick post lockdown rebound Chaser, which is lovely for your PF. Offensively you can catch the ball at the rim, there are even a lot of standing dunk animations, and he has a decent jump shot.

Eddy Curry – 95 OVR – C/PF

This card could be better. Bob will be an excellent center if there is no limit under 10K. He’s only got 25 speed and 25 acceleration. If he has a speed of 60, it will be terrifying. He’s seven foot four with a seven-footed wingspan. But adding a player with only 25-speed to the team is complex, and the cards around it should be better choices.

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