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The cast polymorph on a particular target, the target will turn into a sheep useless for 50 seconds. The spell will break if damage is done afterwards polymorphic and can target animals, humanoid creatures and monsters. One of the most useful features of a mage and unique is that they are able to teleport or to create portals for party members in various cities around Nazareth. All teleports to use a teleport rune stone and all portals use a portal rune stone. That’s all for this Mage Guide Wow, I hope you have a good information about the value and fun in Wow.
The third advantage of being a mage is the ability to summon food and water for you and your group or raid table with food and water. The ability to have an unlimited supply of food and water is extremely useful for mages especially during the solo, like food / water replenish your health and manna when he is not in combat and wow gold cheap in the game. As a Mage you are limited to only weave, and a limited selection of rods, daggers, one-handed swords, and staves as a weapon of your choice. Other stats to look out for are the master and the Spirit, but you should not worry too much about the mind, even if it helps you regenerate manna during combat.
And due to the fact that the Magi are a pure DPS class, statistical material becomes even seek any construction or spec you choose to go with. This means that if you play Fire, Frost, Arcane mage or when you click the level cap, you do not really need a set of equipment to satisfy them. The most important statistics for you as a mage is smart and you have the better. Furthermore intelligent, you will also get enough Touch to reach the cap, then a gain of hate / Critical increase you’re DPS. This is also why the gel is recommended for mage leveling solo spells since they most snare as Frost Nova, Ice Armor, Cone of Cold, Frost Fire Bolt and Bolt Frost.
So that means I can not promise it will be a great guide Wow Paladin thorough and complete. But do not worry! I spent a lot of time studying and talking to a personal friend of mine who has played Paladin since the first day of World of War Craft of sharing some of his tips and strategies for playing a paladin in World of War Craft and cheapest wow gold in the game. Although the fire mages to level as fast as Frost mages but lack survivability and fire-based spells to try to use more manna. The kite is also another basic technique of playing a mage. Mages are not designed to accept damages if a smart mage always try to keep a good amount of distance between their enemies and themselves. The kite can be accomplished using several types of traps or spells slow. 

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