5.2 the latest vocational skills adjustment and suit effect changes

The other day with various professional suit effect after the publication of the modification and adjustment in again with WOW Gold. And the professional skill also made the revision adjustment instructions.
The hunter

Aimed shot casting time is adjusted for 2.5 seconds, 2.9 seconds by cut


Element 4 pieces: even if its role in state use lava burst will also reduce the cooling CD

The paladin

4 pieces of effect on prevention in all reduction is calculated after damage, and the absorbed damage

Disciplinary 4 suit reward has changed, now is: your hammer of justice or crusader strike have a chance that the next divine storm causes damage. That is now effect trigger when you have to use divine storm instead of the temple of the crusade award. This will through the random use of skills, not randomly gain additional damage for the purpose of

Disciplinary specialization, the light flash will cause an additional 50% of the amount healed. But selfless cure talent caused the therapeutic effect of speaking is adjusted for 20/40/60%

Holy shield absorption effect can be dispelled, but lasting effects can’t

Only the milk on the light of the blind 1.8 SEC cast time. We think the milk ride control chain too strong, but discipline and the ride is still don’t need such a nerf

Death knight

Before we pointed out, T15 twinset effect will be evil in DK bonuses. That is wrong. Call out in praise of the dara soul is caused by physical damage, with ghouls as

We are ready to make ice/evil DK T15 four pieces of suit rewards – this is a good opportunity

The priest

Treatment of 4 pieces for a golden HuanLing for forty code inside the life value of the lowest percentage of friendly target for treatment. Although at present no visual effect, but the mechanism will not HuanLing with shadow as. It is equivalent to a treatment, but not summoned units

About 2 times of treatment effect further explanation: mending glyphs will only improve the therapeutic effect of the first jump, it will not conflict with suit effect. The specific values for: 160% – > > > 110% – 121% – 133% – >, etc

We are ready to redesign skills: shadow word: disorderly

We are prepared to nerf mending trigger sacred shelter effect, at the same time will also reduce power word: shield (only for discipline priest) mana cost and improve the therapeutic effect of penance and causing damage. In the raid 25, the discipline priest almost light in the use of mending, we believe that the soul to protect shell change enough to change this phenomenon. In fact, we hope that we can cooperate with penance to discipline priest to use more power word: shield; At present in the performance of the animal husbandry PVE discipline seems a bit too strong, even ignoring the discipline in animal husbandry to damage absorption direct treatment is more important than the fact

Angel barriers and soul guard shell will not be dispelled

PVP treatment 4 piece effect have been changed, is amended as: reduce the chakra 25 seconds cooling time. In the soul guard shell period, rapid treatment the mana cost of value reduced by 50%


Guardian 4 a: when anger when activated, your attack will have an additional 50% of anger

We are ready to strengthen a little one’s ability to stimulate the secretion of milk treatment

We have a whirlwind of decreasing changes are satisfied with it, but we’re going to its range increased to 30 yards; In addition, balance and the restoration of the German’s PVP gloves award will prolong the duration of the cyclone 2 seconds


Rotary fire impact the damage will now from the weapon damage instead of attack strength to decide. This is equivalent to nerf us the skills. 

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