Ten people and Latin prison 1 and 2 break

Al garros
In this battle, we will enable the bench to WOW Gold in ten thousand – home as MT use ~


Al garros this goods are both signs skills, is a positive aoe damage and stack, and w flame easy injury, this thing is easy injury pack up leave; it desperately, The other one is a dot, continue to 10 seconds, and gradually improve the damage, the last few jump is more than 5 w 6 w much level, do not resist direct full to eat a sure is dead, make a little resistance also basic or dead, have strength to do… But the ss own dispel is 1 minute CD, skills also co., LTD., (it is full of blood, want to save live also need to use a shield wall + 2 embers this level of life means), and each time p1 will point four times, the building Lord equipment second p1 when skill is not enough… And the use of home Tboss, can also solve these two problems ~ as for imp hatred, portal can be broken.

Specialization: the destruction of the

Talent: soul bleed, death coil, soul link, system the magic book, egg’s guile

Glyphs: sugar, siphon, embers

Before the war preparation:

Here for the portal and the position of the kids are a little more skills, such as put into it is good:

Home set at the door, open the door in a previous first, and then home open boss, boss get home hatred and began to output, can form 3 point position, always ensure that boss won’t face to a aoe.

Is the card after debuff CD transmitted, embers don’t bring h., because the boss DPS pressure is very big still (imp DPS was more than blue fat.. And fly about lose a lot of DPS time), the dot the remember to dispel his kid, don’t pursue seconds drive, before a few jump damage do not ache not to itch. Rain of fire stage boss is rough cut, eggs mobile output can, pay attention to if have cataclastic words can shatter a turn, ensure the stage after boss continue to hit home, if not shatter is in turn stage before the end of the transfer once get debuff.

BOSS said 5 minutes rage, in fact just five minutes time will be in a turning stage, turn after the stage to real rage, so is probably have 5 points more combat time, probably around 7 w DPS can be. If entanglements in DPS shortage can find the corridor to the small blame three embers call.

The library thar

Very simple a boss, as long as don’t play to rage went, without difficulty, the eggs system the link to destroy what is knocked out, pay attention not to eat up interest (like it’s vomit interest? , eyeball out to kill, and to escape the earth a beach thing, will do. 

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